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Born and raised in Belgium, Tim Coppens graduated from the internationally acclaimed Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 1998.  He worked with various luxury and sports-performance brands before founding his own menswear label in 2011, which he expanded to include womenswear in Spring/Summer ’15.

With an aesthetic that combines New York City energy and street culture, Coppens has demonstrated he’s on the pulse of both the present and the future of fashion. His collections are a mix of athletic luxury rendered with a singular elegance and sophistication. 

Since his first season, Coppens has combined both craftsmanship and innovation, winning him praise from critics and industry accolades including an Ecco Domani Award for “Best New Menswear Designer,” a Fashion Group International Rising Star of the Year award and finalist placement in both the Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund Award and LVMH Prize.

Tim Coppens has been a part of the Swarovski Collective since Autumn/Winter 2014.



Inspired by the street style fashions of Japan and the rock stars Jimi Hendrix and Axel Rose, Tim Coppens debuted an urban street-savvy collection that featured nearly 75,000 Swarovski crystals in patchwork across five womenswear looks.



Tim Coppens' Spring/Summer 2016 collection mixed Coppens' signature street style chic with feminine form and detailing. Simple stripes were offset by variating sized matte crystal pearls, with a mix of pastels and riotous orange for a collection that found its most playful moments with texture. Relaxed and simple silhouettes gave a luxurious, near-loungewear feel to the pieces, with models in sneakers covered in rounded monochrome pearls for a modern bubble texture.



For his Fall/Winter 2015 collection, Tim Coppens experimented with gradient crystal mesh that added richness and depth to several mixed media jackets and shirts. The collection managed to mixed form, function, as well as eye-catching details all while staying true to Tim's unique street style aesthtic.



Spring/Summer 2015 marked the debut womenswear season for Swarovski Collective newcomer Tim Coppens. His signature style, which he describes as ‘athletic luxury portrayed with elegance and sophistication’ has won him a loyal following for his menswear, and is likely to do the same for his womenswear.  This season the designer experimented with Swarovski crystal fabric and custom motifs over a varsity jacket, wool skirts and crew knit sweaters.