Peter Som’s aesthetic of unstudied elegance and refined sexiness has brought a fresh point of view to modern American fashion. Peter grew up in San Francisco, a city known for its easy, relaxed sophistication. His parents--both architects--instilled in him the ideals of purity of form, function and composition. Today, Peter continues to draw from these early influences as he designs clothes for tasteful women with that same spirit of effortless elegance, luxury and allure. 

Peter made his stellar debut at Seventh on Sixth in the Bryant Park tents with his Spring 2001 Collection. Since then, his clean, unfettered yet feminine clothes have been winning accolades from buyers and critics alike. Peter’s collections have been included in editorial features in major fashion publications, including Vogue, W, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and InStyle.

Having emerged as one of the leaders of a new generation of American designers, Peter Som has a foundation on which to establish a modern luxury fashion and lifestyle brand, reinterpreting the tradition of Great American Sportswear for a new generation.



“Working with Swarovski is always a thrill - the opportunity to incorporate Swarovski crystals into the collection will bring a heightened level of shimmer that only Swarovski can.” – Peter Som


Peter Som’s Spring 2009 Collection is about signature quirkily romantic dressing and relaxed elegance takes to the desert. Imagine windswept dunes evoking sun-baked fabrics and a chic caravan of sophisticated modern-dressing. Swarovski crystals are used to imitate the shimmering quality of light and sun hitting sand.