Swarovski’s partnership with fashion’s most experimental designer began in 2006 when he designed Repose, a conceptual art installation for Swarovski Crystal Palace, and a spectacular jeweled collar for Swarovski Runway Rocks. In his six seasons with the Swarovski Collective, he produced some of the most groundbreaking showpieces in recent fashion history. Chalayan’s experiments with crystal led to the creation of the LED Dress in Autumn/Winter 2007, featuring 15,600 LEDs layered behind the Swarovski crystal components; the extraordinary Lazer Dress for Spring/Summer 2008; and Kaikoku, a floating dress that released 50 crystal ‘pollen spores’ in Autumn/Winter 2011. Swarovski proudly supported the designer’s retrospective at Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris in 2011.



“I applied the Swarovski crystal mesh in the form of a headlight print, bringing a direct reflection of the road into the collection and enforcing the link between garment and location.” – Hussein Chalayan



The collection represents an abstract story book depicting evolution. The body, conveyed through print and texture, acts as a tool first portraying non-existence, then the big bang - The two mechanical dresses represent the Big Bang, the start of the universe and existence. Circles mechanically expand, while frames of light and Swarovski crystals move around the body.” — Hussein Chalayan



“The Spring/Summer 2007 collection is inspired by the way in which world events over the course of a century have influenced and shaped fashion. The highlights of the collection will include dresses that morph to capture changes 27 years at a time, Swarovski crystals from different eras are incorporated into the dresses, reflecting the evolving history of the company and celebrating their 111 year anniversary. The fluidity of time is explored using the relationship between light, water and crystals, and is represented by a Swarovski crystal watermill used as a backdrop to the show.”



“A crystal dress which will have lights behind the components, where the colour will go from neutral to a multicolour graphic composition representing the arrival of spring; the light mechanism will then change and start to glow like the sun, as a representation of the arrival of summer. An LED dress consisting of 15,600 LEDS combined with crystal displays a short abstract film representing the arrival of spring.” – Hussein Chalayan