Band of Outsiders Inc. was founded in January 2004 in Los Angeles, CA. 

The Band of Outsiders brand is approached as a vessel for an ever-growing archive of ideas and projects that draw from a strong, personal sense of nostalgia for American sportswear classics, balanced with a drive for innovation and quality in all of our products. The Band of Outsiders Men's Collection is designed as an ever-growing archive of re-interpreted American menswear classics: shirts, ties, jackets, knits, and hand-tailored suits and outerwear. The Boy by Band of Outsiders Collection is a designer women's collection inspired by menswear and the women who love to wear it. The Girl by Band of Outsiders Collection is a contemporary market women's collection that filters our love for American sportswear through a decidedly soft and feminine lens. This is not a Polo shirt is a collection of casual, contemporary market menswear inspired by vintage sport and leisure, interpreting everything from Polo shirts to swimwear for the street. 





“Swarovski as a company is like a benevolent patron for young designers and the wild ideas that come out of them. The product itself is so unique and the quality is so great, which makes it all the better.” -Scott Sternberg