With its inception in Paris and roots in Finland, AALTO is the brainchild of designer Tuomas Merikoski. Known for his feminine wardrobe which integrates decidedly masculine details, Merikoski brings a breath of fresh air to womenswear with his strong design aesthetic and constant collaboration with Finnish artists. Drawing inspiration from an ever-evolving conversation of Finnish culture, his collections are a complete work in and of themselves while speaking to a total narrative.

Merikoski was an LVMH prize finalist, launching ALTO in 2014. He is a longtime collaborator withsome of the most influential luxury brands such as Givenchy and Louis Vuitton.

This is AALTO’s first collection with Swarovski Collective.




Entitled ‘Paradise Lost’, AALTO’s Autumn / Winter 2017 collection looked to synchronize the temperance of the future with the vitality of the punk movement. Swarovski crystals appeared in graphic patchwork or appliqued stones, uplifting the diverse garments with texture and color.



Inspired by the concept of a youth utopia, AALTO debuted an androgynous Spring/Summer 2017 collection, with panels and designs across looks featuring iconic Finnish cartoons emblazoned with Swarovski crystal.